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The royal podium welcomes a new musical icon Dornenkönig. Behind their regal sounding name (Dornenkönig means Thorn King) is a 5 piece German rock band whose songs get right under your skin, encompassing the whole spectrum of emotions from anger to joy, fear to hope , melancholy to euphoria The outstanding lyrics delve into the uncomfortable truths of harsh reality delivered with power and passion by Dornenkönigs magnificent performance. Musically their songwriting is timeless , yet contemporary.

Having emerged from the band Schlagwerk, Dornenkönig consists of Ralph Barthelmess (vocals), Markus Dietz (keyboards), Stefan Schönbrunn (guitar), Michael Schmitz (bass) and Sinisa Bogdanovic (drums). As a band they create songs with strong melodies , hard riffs , dynamic grooves and addictive hooks and with their impressive stage presence they are certainly one of the most promising new German rock acts to appear on the scene in a very long time!

Ralph Barthelmess - vocals [more]

Sinisa Bogdanovic - drums [more]

Markus Dietz - keyboard [more]

Stefan Schoenbrunn - guitar [more]

Michael Schmitz - bass [more]